Austin Maid Service and House Cleaning Services

Move In/Out Cleaning Services

When you are busy moving out of your Austin area apartment rental or house the last
thing you want to do is spend time doing a deep cleaning in order to get your deposit back.
That is why our customers trust Austin’s Maid Service to perform their move out cleaning.
We will take care of the details that apartment leasing offices, landlords, and new homeowners expect. Just give us a call

Moving? List of thing to do stacking up? Austin apartments rentals go fast and landlords don’t
have time to clean up after you leave, or pre-clean before you arrive. So, unless you leave the
place spotless, don’t expect to get a security deposit back. Let Teresa’s Tidy-Up maid service
take care of your Austin apartment move-out and move-in cleaning needs. We take care of all the essentials
that leasing offices, landlords and you as the new home owner expect.

Our list of standard move-in and move-out cleaning includes:

  • All Rooms
    • Remove Cobwebs from Ceilings & Walls
    • Dust Vents Including
    • Dust Tops of Door Frames
    • Dust Fans & Light Fixtures Including Bathroom
    • Dust Blinds
    • Dust and Clean Window Sills & Latches
    • Dust All Closet Shelves
    • Dust & Clean Interior & Exterior Cabinets & Drawers
    • Dust All Baseboards and Remove Cobwebs
    • Sweep, Vacuum and Mop All Floors
    • Clean Light Switches
    • Remove Trash
  • Bathrooms
    • Dust & Clean Interior / Exterior Cabinets
    • Dust & Clean Interior / Exterior Drawers, & Shelves
    • Dust All Surfaces
    • Sweep & Vacuum Floor Before Scrubbing
    • Scrub, Clean and Dry Shower / Tub & Tile
    • Clean Toilet:
      • Top to Bottom
      • Behind & Around
    • All Items Removed
    • Clean Mirror
    • Clean Sinks
    • Clean & Polish Fixtures
  • Kitchen
    • Clean Interior Oven
    • Clean Top & Exterior of Fridge
    • Cobweb Under Cabinets & Refrigerator
    • Clean Interior Refrigerator & Freezer – No Food or Debris Left Behind
    • Clean Interior & Exterior Microwave
    • Dust & Clean Interior & Exterior Cabinets, Drawers, Shelves
    • Clean Sink
    • Polish Fixtures
    • Clean Vent Hood, Stove Top & Exterior Oven
    • Clean Backsplash
    • Clean and Polish Countertops
    • Clean Exterior Dishwasher
    • Polish All Stainless Steel