Austin Maid Service and House Cleaning Services

Benefits of using a house cleaning service.

It’s high noon, 108 degrees and there has been no rainfall in the forecast for months.  Tempers are flaring and a showdown is enevitable. As you walk to the center of the dusty pothole avenue, a cloud of dust surrounds everthing in site.  You’re boots are coated with a layer of dirt thick enough that you could scratch your name on them like a chalkboard.  You know that you’re advesary is at the other end of the path, but with the thick cloud that looms you can’t really make out his actions.  You know a showdown is coming so you ready yourself and prepare to take battle.  The time has come but so again has the dust and the quick motion of the draw stirs the air in such a manner that your eyes become filled with particulates that hinder you’re eyesite.  All of a sudden you feel the burning sensation of a small caliber projectile and you know that the results are well…. not desirable.

It’s then that you wake up and realize that the dust is real, the advesary is the dirty commode and the family is due to arrive for the holidays in a couple of days.  Yea, oh fudge…

You’ll be the talk of the grapevine for many years to come with the house in a mess, no food on the table, the kids eating glue and stains around the bathtub.  No one will understand that you worked 60 hours, drove 90 miles, tooks the kids to soccer, band, cheerleading, and the national spelling bee, not to mention the hours of word rehersal to get there.

Ok, admit it, you can’t squeeze 29 hours into a 24 hour day.  Something is just not going to get done.  It’s time to outsource:  Teresa’s Tidy-Up can help you “outsource” your house cleaning chores.  Whether it’s an initial deep clean, move-in/move-out cleaning, we can take care of the house cleaning chores to free you up to take on some of the many other chores you have going on.

So after you get a free cleaning estimate and schedule your cleaning service, you can relax and replay high noon.  Now, instead of the dust, it’s early morning, a fresh rain has just fallen, the temperature is in the high 70’s and everthing is grand.  Family is coming to a freshly spread table with sparkling dishes, impecible linens and the homemade dishes that can only be prepared with the care that your family deserves.  Then, you don’t wake up.  It’s not a dream, it’s acutally happening.  Play sappy music here….  Grandma hugs the grandchildren, Grandpa says pull my finger…  Any you never did or will have to showdown with a ring around the toilet again.

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